Our Team

Bruce Kamm

Bruce Kamm CTB, is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder of the company with more than 40 years’ experience in sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, information technology and barter. Formerly the CEO of an information technology company, the Managing Director of a fast growth trade exchange and the designer and developer of online information and transactional services for TradeBanc, VirtualBarter, Interep, CBSI and the Regional Bell Operating Company’s information service gateways. Concurrently with his career, Mr. Kamm founded and managed a real estate development company that used trade and offset as a component in many real estate and construction transactions. Mr. Kamm specializes in capital engineering utilizing trade, countertrade, creative financing and innovative cross-marketing programs to expand business opportunities and bottom line profitability for Intertrade's clients by engineering programs that enable companies to maximize the value of their underperforming products, services, assets and capacity. Mr. Kamm holds a BA in Administrative Science from Long Island University and accreditation from the International Reciprocal Trade Association as an Industry Certified Trade Broker (CTB).

Melinda Houser

Melinda Houser is a Managing Director. As Director of the Intertrade Corporate Trade Division Ms. Houser brings 25 years of experience in Contract Negotiations, Client Services and managed offset procurement to global companies. Ms. Houser pioneered the utilization of trade credits for non-media purchasing working with global companies such as Bulova Watch, American Power Conversion, Eagle Electric, W.R. Grace & Companies, Perdue Farms, General Electric, Finmeccanica, Fieldcrest and Circuit City to successfully match vendors with purchasing and procurement requirements. Ms. Houser developed the Commercial and Industrial Buying Consortium and was the co-designer of the transactional software used today to manage all of the aspects of a client's corporate trade program. Prior to Ms Houser's involvement in corporate trade, for 14 years she specialized in production and sales in the printing industry working with international clients that included National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institute and US News and World Report. Ms Houser is charged with managing all aspects of Intertrade’s trade credit utilization group including new business development for purchasing and vendor alliances, the print services group, and negotiating purchasing contracts that enable trade credit spending. Ms. Houser is charged with managing all aspects of Intertrade's trade credit utilization group, including new business development, the Finder Network, Client Services, Intertrade's Commercial and Industrial Buying Consortium and the development of Vendor Alliances.

Jeff Wolfman

Jeff Wolfman is the Director of Media Services. A 30-year veteran of corporate trade starting as a sales representative at Broadcast Marketing Corp., a media buying service with a corporate trade division in 1979, by 1992 Mr. Wolfman had grown Broadcast Marketing’s broadcast, print and out of home media inventories to over $30 million. After rising through the ranks of various management positions at Broadcast he purchased the company in 1994. Mr. Wolfman has executed corporate trade transactions in virtually every consumer product and service category including packaged goods, food, apparel, automotive, pharmaceuticals, industrial and specialty chemicals, transportation, travel and real estate. He is also an experienced media veteran with an extensive media sales and buying background servicing over one third of the Fortune 500 Companies, including leading national advertisers like ATT, Arena Football League, Diageo, Continental Airlines, Gold’s Gym Fitness Centers, Papa John’s Pizza, 5th / 3rd Bank, and Chicago. Mr. Wolfman maintains ongoing relationships with over 2,000 media vendors across the U.S. and around the world, including the most recognized in the print, broadcast, cable, out-of-home, Internet and non-traditional areas. He also has international media placement experience working with the Beijing Public Transit Advertisement Company in Beijing, China. The BPTAC controls over 1.6 billion square feet of Out Of Home media real estate on over 20,000 buses.

Mr. Wolfman earned a B.S. degree from Michigan State University. He is a martial arts enthusiast and T’ai Chi practitioner for over 20 years.