About Us

Intertrade Capital Group is a global alliance organization set to enable barter, trade, countertrade, asset management, alternative capital and financial transactions for companies and barter exchanges. The company enables execution of traditional and online trade transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability.

Intertrade provides structured finance, alternative capital and bilateral purchasing solutions that deliver alternative transactional capabilities to companies, organizations and exchanges, specializing in serving large corporations and municipalities, but also serving companies of all sizes.

Intertrade offers traditional corporate trade, receivables and residual cash back trading and many other asset management and alternative capital initiatives to corporations and governments.

In addition, based on Intertrade’s unique convergence of trade, countertrade, and banking, Intertrade has the capability to develop hybrid and customized transaction formats never before offered by traditional corporate barter companies who historically only focus on accepting a company’s excess consumer goods inventories for media or travel.

Intertrade offers several transaction formats, and can develop and immediately facilitate new formats based on the needs of our client and their specific situation.

By enhancing transactions with barter and trade, Intertrade also provides liquidity for challenged assets and excess capacity by transforming underperforming assets and underutilized capacity from the corporate sector into new sources of revenue, and ultimately into a credit facility that is utilized towards purchasing.

Intertrade utilizes creative remarketing solutions that capture full price for surplus inventory, excess capacity or underperforming assets which enables its clients to expand their customer base into new markets, or to do business in countries with unstable currency.

Intertrade ultimately serves as a global clearinghouse for product distribution and worldwide commerce.

Intertrade encourages companies and exchanges to bring with them their members, clients, or vendors, the companies that can provide product inventories through Intertrade’s Global Markets, in effect empowering clients to aggregate their buying power while creating a new distribution channel for their excess inventories, underperforming assets and excess capacity.

The key to a successful asset or capacity remarketing transaction is scale: a well-defined distribution channel and a large number of strategic vendors and trading partners. Intertrade addresses all industry market sectors, and assists clients with marketing strategy, business process implementation and fulfillment.

Intertrade’s online proprietary web enabled transactional software, intellectual assets, global infrastructure, core relationships, business model and industry domain expertise are available to be integrated into corporate and financial sectors throughout the world.